This is Chronicle I covering 8.1.802 - 31.3.802. See Chronicle II
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31.3.802 (Cornwall, 22 seasons)
I hunted bears and wolves alone atthe hill near the Cornwall station. I liked it very much. Then I decided to try the Catacombs of Carvoda. Since I has not ever been down south here, I did not know the location. I turned south from the main road too early and ended near the roman villa, overwhelmed by undead romans and huge skeletons. Luckily, I have made it back and finally reached the right place. There I joined a group of adventurers and together we fought undead legionnairies guarding stones encircling the entrance. After some time we even descended down, but my presence there was short (OOC: my CPU cooler went down and I had to turn my PC off). Anyway, catacombs might be too hard for me yet. I have to find a VERY good group or train a bit until I'll be able to go there again.

29.3.802 (Cornwall, 22 seasons)
I hunted spiders alone at the northern plain. I liked it very much. I also saw the never-ending sea. I died two or three times, but learned a bit of solo tactics. I also learned that you can run out the spiders, but you probably cannot run out wolves. I have also purchased a nice helm made by a wizard whom I met at the Cornwall station, where seems to be a very popular place for crafters.

28.3.802 (Cornwall, 22 seasons)
I completed the second part of my epic quest. I traced the goblin shaman at Black Mountains and obtained the Colar of Dead from her. Then I travelled to Cornwall. Just after I came to Cornwall station, I joined a group hunting at the hunters camp near Cornwall station. Our hunt was funny, but too easy and not much rewarding.

27.3.802 (Keltoi Fogou, 21 seasons)
I returned south to Keltoi Fogou. I spent nice time crypt hunting, but decided that I am not going to crypt anymore. I must explore new places!

26.3.802 (Ludlow, 21 seasons)
I was in Thidranki battleground again. We ruled it! Since we defended the keep which our brave realmmates conquered last night, we were able to push Midgardians back. Again I died several times, but I also bashed dwarven heads and kicked troll asses. I decided to upgrade my armor, to be able to return back to Thidranki when I reach 24th season.

25.3.802 (Ludlow, 21 seasons)
I was trying to defend our beloved Albion at Thidranki battleground. I was quite unsuccessful. Albion force was almost unorganized. I have eat dirt many times.

23.3.802 (Vetusta abbey, 21 seasons)
Today our guild meeting was held. We gathered at Vetusta: Lord Lokryn, Lady laraine, Asterlynn the cleric, Vanatori the armsman and myself. Among other things I was promoted to Errant Knight.

21.3.802 (Camelot, 21 seasons)
I returned to Keltoi Fogou. There I joined great group lead by ..., who seems to be the best group leader I have ever met. We were working perfectly as a team. The leader led the goup strictly and his reasonable commands were listened to. I have earned very nice wealth and have been given nice leather pants from the group loot.
After the hunt I travelled to Camelot, where I met my guildmate Legaemar. He gave me wonderful gifts from his vault: magical bracers, necklace and great Goblin staff.

20.3.802 (Ludlow, 20 seasons)
Our battleground trying was sole. I have died several times. We were not able to win a single skirmish, because we were overpowered and lacked leadership. My best experience is when I sneaked, swimming in the river, to ressurect my fallen friends.

19.3.802 (Ludlow, 20 seasons)
I earned my first realm points at battleground. When we went from our battleground portal keep, it was encirclened with midgardians. After short fight we pushed them back to the bridge and even to the walls of central battleground keep, which was held by Midgarg. We pursued them and our army got killed near the Midgard bridge.
Next attempt I joined to my realmmates fighting at our bridge. I was doing my ressurecting and healing job and got killed several times by stealthers, hunters or nukers. But we lost again when we tried to invade close to keep. I must admit that the Midgardians were much more successful in warfare than us. The most of all I felt lack of leadership. Being the lowest possible season, I was not able to engage them directly and was too easy target for any of their attacks. However it wasn't successful at all, I consider this to be great milestone in my life. I will try to battle there once more and if I am not successfull, I will train. My time will come soon.

17.3.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 20 seasons)
I joined great group of adventurers at the time when half of their group was dead. I helped to ressurect them and together we delved down the dungeon, again to the feared crypt. Today I was not healer, but took my part in the centre of meelee. I was lucky to obtain a great cloak which we conquered on foul celts dwelling in the crypt.

15.3.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 19 seasons)
I formed a great group of brave adventurers at Keltoi dungeon. We were very successful even at the deepest pit of Keltoi crypt, the place near the Ants chamber. The group fought bravely and I was the main healer. I have become rich.

13.3.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 18 seasons)
Scouting at Campacorentin forest, I hunted living trees. There is the leader of trees whom I have seen from very big distance, but once I will track him and kill him. I also visited beautiful goblin camp. Then I joined my friend Apocalyptic at Keltoi Fogou, and wehunted together for some time. When he had to depart, I joined a group of adventurers together with Eladoc Maximus my guildmate and together we succeeded in some great battles.

12.3.802 (Campacorentin forest, 17 seasons)
I completed the quest from Lady of Lake. I ruined several horses travelling Albion from Fortress Snowdonia to Adribard's Retreat, to Camelot and Campacorentin station and back again many times. Hopefully I was able to discuss with my liege Lokryn when riding. During fulfilling that quest I also killed evil Green Witch, one of Morgana's followers, who dwelled near Caer Ulfwych.

11.3.802 (West Downs, 17 seasons)
I joined Ida of the Praenuncius Veritas and Boromyr of The Guard. Together we hunted huge boars and Salisbury Giants near the broken bridge. The hunt was very efficient and I have earned lot of gold and experience.

10.3.802 (Castle Sauvage, 16 seasons)
I was called by my guild leader Lokryn to help defending my realm at the frontier. I then took part at the epic Siege of Caer Benowyc and Caer Erasleigh, which we reconquered from Hibernian hands. The full report can be read here. I spent almost all of my money buying the wood to repair keep doors. However, the experience of epic encounter of the massive army impressed me a lot.

9.3.802 (Castle Sauvage, 16 seasons)
I was joined to the group hunting at Keltoi Fogou. Due to lack of leadership we ended caught at the very bottom chamber of the dungeon. I was killed and revived by a group of adventurers, but I could not make it to my fellow groupmates. I tried it about 4 times without luck, so they had to release. I was then killed on the way up.

8.3.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 16 seasons)
After short solo hunting wood ogres at Campacorentin forest I joined my guildmate Legaemar at Keltoi Fogou. Together we fought great fight against keltois and goblins dwelling in this well known and dangerous dungeon. I earned a lot of money and experience, but above all it was a great adventure.

7.3.802 (Caer Ulfwych, 15 seasons)
I helped squire Graid and his horse to defend his daemonic stone against undead attackers. Then I travelled north to Swanton keep to follow my epic quest. On the way I completed the quest of Dragon ant queen. Then I tracked and hunted goblin mystic Ulfwag at the heart of goblin fort west of Snowdonia station (I remember how I feared this fort at the past!). Then I hunted goblin Grilk at the ruin near Tepok's mine. Because of getting killed I rode the country from Avalon marsh to Snowdonia station like a south wind. I returned to Campacorentin forest. Waiting to the night I hunted wood ogres. When the night came, I spoke to lady Nimue again.

6.3.802 (Salisbury plain, 15 seasons)
I succeded searching the poach and bracelet of Tyna, daughter of Tygnyr, which has been lost at haunted castle. I successfully delivered reagents for Master Camdene. I was rewarded by very ugly dye color. I also hunted down Slythcur and been rewarded by cloak made from its skin. The cloak looks pretty ugly, but serves me well.

5.3.802 (Avalon marsh, 15 seasons)
I visited Adribard's Retreat. Truly impressive castle in the centre of Avalon marsh. I spent some time searching for the dyemaster's ingredients killing puny swamp creatures. I have also been given a quest to kill Slythcur, a dragon wandering at Salisbury plains whom I have encountered yet.

4.3.802 (Hermit's Lake, Campacorean forest, 15 seasons)
I accepted my epic quest. I travelled to Campacorean forest, where I located the lake where mighty Lady Nimue dwells. There is isle on the lake, inhabited by the evil hermit. I helped a mighty cabalist to defeat this evil man. When waiting to the evening, I hunted wood ogres who dwelled on nearby hills. At the evening, I finally came to the place where lady Nimue used to be seen. Luckily, I met an infiltrator there, who helped me to locate lady Nimue in the middle of the lake. Without him, I would never find her, because she was almost completely hidden below the water.

3.3.802 (Salisbury bridge, 15 seasons)
This was a long, fruitful journey. I formed a small group at West Downs for hunt at the plain. After we grow up, we followed the river south and came to the country of famous Salisbury giants.Our group was very successful in hunting these huge creatures!
I have decided that I am not going to stay at Stalwart Defenders guild anymore. The guild was silent, no events nor good leader was there and even my friend Derfel quit. So I chose the mighty Am Freiceadan Dubh guild, led by my old friend Lokryn, who has grown to be a great leader of men. He accepted me as a paige.
Then I returned to my group and we hunted undead Roman legionairies near the broken bridge. Again, the fight was furious and loot plentiful.
At the end I was honored by my liege who invited me to hunt with him. Me and Asterlynn, a beautiful cleric from our guild, followed our liege to the dark depth of Salisbury Barrows. I was not too useful at fight, because my powers cannot match to these of my liege, but I tried to heal him at least.
At the end of the great journey, we also met beautiful Lady Laraine, wife of Lokryn. And my liege has promoted to Squire. Great day in my life that was.

2.3.802 (West Downs, 13 seasons)
I warmed up cleaning the hill of boulderlings north of Prydwen bridge. Then I continued fighting undeads at Tomb of Mithra. The most of time I spent near the crypt of Virilis, who seems to be an undead Roman soldier. I am too weak to face him alone now, however I fought him many times as a group member. After visiting my trainer at Camelot I formed a group of adventurers and together we hunted basilisks and dryads at Salisbury plains.

26.2.802 (Prydwen bridge, 12 seasons)
I hunted at Tomb of Mithra. At the start I hunted alone, but soon I have joined a group fightnig the powerful undeads of Roman origin at their crypt. When I left the dungeons of Mithra, I fought with daemons in the haunted ruin near Prydwen bridge. There is one very powerful daemon there, whom I swore to excorcise once. But I must grow stronger first, because of plenty of his small companions. Luckily, I am now comfortable to run between dozens of large skeletons occupying country near the ruin.

25.2.802 (Tomb of Mithra entrance, 12 seasons)
At Salisbury plains I killed my very first basilisk, taken by myself. I was eager for that trophy for a long time, when being younger and afraid of these poisonous vile beasts. Time of my revenge has cometh now! Then I have run to Albion to visit my trainer. At the vault I met with my guildmates Wildthyme, Megyn and Alcuin. Then I traveled to the Tomb of Mithra, where I felt almost unbeatable. After some asy hunt of undeads I joined with the young wizard Arrioch and together we hunted a bit. We also bashed down the well-known Forgotten promise.

22.2.802 (West Downs, 12 seasons)
I purchased some armor and then hunted a bit at southern Camelot hills and Salisbury plains.

19.2.802 (Camelot, 11 seasons)
I hunted a bit at Salisbury plain. Then I travelled to Camelot where the guild meeting had to be held. I met Raggnel Wayfarer, the guildmaster, Derfel Cadarn and Garr.Because there did not arrive many guild members, I joined Garr and together we hunted at Black Mountains north. After a short hunt we returned back, we met our guildmates and also Aaviel. The guild meeting was postponed.

18.2.802 (West Downs, age of 11)
I joined the group led by Chiush at West Downs. We hunted many tomb raiders and basilisks near Stonehenge at Salisbury plains. I have died several times, but luckily my comrades brought a cleric who ressurected me. At the end I discovered nice nest of tiny dragonlings, which suit perfectly to my staff skill. I must return to this place once again.

17.2.802 (Prydwen cemetery, age of 11)
I completed the Small request from the Snowdonia fortress guards. I also finally found a merchant at Cotswold village who sold me the mattocks for Master Graent in Prydwen keep. I was rewarded with the beautiful ring. Not much kills, but lot of good.

16.2.802 (Prydwen keep, age of 11)
I spent lot of time at Camelot searching for the damned bronze war mattocks. Nobody was willing to sell them. Then I decided to kill Bouditha the bandit near Ludlow, who was supposed to have a magical thinking cap. I successfully located her camp near the mammoth hill northeast of Ludlow and after several attempts I successfully killed her. I also found the stolen Sals' jar, because its holder was the bandit camped with Bouditha.
Then I travelled north to Snowdonia fortress, where I got a note to be delivered to castle Sauvage. At Castle Sauvage I met members of the Stalwart Defenders guild: Derfel Cadarn and Feywin and Roeth Whitestar, who were waiting to be teleported to Midguard realm. After the decent and noble conversation I was accepted by them as a member of the guild! I swore to help the guildmates and protect Albion forever. That was a great day in my life!

10.2.802 (Camelot, age of 11)
I hunted horses at Salisbury plains. Then I joined a group led by Fett. The rest was a bit less experienced than me, so I took them to Salisbury plains. Together we fought many basilisks and other foul creatures. Since we had two clerics in the group, I took my part as a meeler. I have been given a quest from my trainer. My duty would be to deliver some bronze mattocks or whatever to Prydwen keep. Luckily he gave me some money, that hard stuff is pretty expensive. I prefer my staff.

9.2.802 (Prydwen Keep, age of 10)
I hunted pigs at Salisbury plains. Then I was contacted by a group lead by Illurin of The Forsaken guild. We hunted dryads at the bank of Salisbury river. I acted as rhe only healer. I am happy that I can choose between my staff and my spells. Then we joined with another group and tried to hunt big monsters. We tried to hunt the famous Salisbury giants, but our fail was bitter.

8.2.802 (West Downs, age of 10)
At the beginning i wanted to travel north, but soon I contacted Astucan who invited me to join him for hunt at Salisbury plains. The hunt was very nice. We hunted monsters at the day and undeads in the night. Astucan has showed me many secrets of the group fight. Luckily, I can revive fallen warriors now. I made pretty piece of cash, some got from Astucan and the rest earned from loot.

5.2.802 (Cotswold village, age of 10)
Terrible experience. After killing Father Hugrath, who became a zombie, I hunted with Rastavit, Ida and Astucan at Black Mountains North near Llyn Barfog. We were absolutely unsuccessful. We could not withstand against the higlanders. I died several times, lost one half of money and almost all my experience. I have got a quest to track and kill Bouditha who is supposed to be a bandit near Ludlow. She should have some thinking cap or whatever. A thrash for wizard it would be, but my pride forces me to complete it.

4.2.802 (Camelot, Defenders of Albion, age of 10)
I was hunting bears and spiders south of Snowdonia Station. Then I joined the group of Morgos the friar and Astucan the theurgist. Together we fought many battles with wargs and goblins near the goblin base west of Snowdonia Station. After that I returned to Camelot.

3.2.802 (Black Mountains South, age of 9)
After several consigments I travelled north to Black mountains south, where I explored a bit. When I discovered nice forest suitable for hunting, I hunted spiders and bears. I have been given powerful Staff of Life from an experienced brother friar.

2.2.802 (Camelot, Defenders of Albion, age of 9)
I have fulfilled some smaller consigments. I am trying to advance in my tailoring skills, but it takes a lot of my time and money.

23.1.802 (Camelot, north gate, age of 9)
I have killed river sprite Sephucoth and got his heart. Lady Eowyln made me a magical pendant from it.
I have duelled with Leana, lady of Fairies, who wanted to claim a pond north of Nob's stable. I have killed her.
Then I trained my tailoring skills at Camelot. It still cost me big cash of my hard earned money and I am still unable to make reasonable armor suitable for my self.

22.1.802 (Prydwen bridge, age of 9)
I have killed Ygwrch Gyrg, the monster lurking near the fallen statue east of Cotswold tower. It has killed Sil, a boy from Cotswold.
I recovered a bottle of whiskey from the river sprite Sephucoth and returned it to a merchant Smyth at Cotswold.
Then I joined great group of adventurers and together we hunted at Tomb of Mithra, which is located northeast of Prydwen bridge. We faced many strange creatures down in the deep. I acted as a healer all the time.

21.1.802 (Camelot, Defenders of Albion, age of 8)
After several attempts to increase my tailoring skills I joined the hunting group near Prydwen bridge, led by Lokryn. We fought many great fights with boulders and shales at the hill southeast of Prydwen bridge. Sometimes I took my part in the middle of the meele, other times I healed my teammates. My part of loot was pretty thick, so I should be able to spend even more on tailoring.

19.1.802 (Cotswolds Village, age of 7).
I have helped Campacorentin wizards with their oucast Ormgarth, Master of the Snakes.I have killed himwith no mercy.
Then I tried to hunt a bit at the deep woods of Campacorentin, but I was almost unsuccessful. I joined armsman Andium and rogue Aphelion, but we entered too dangerous places at forest hills, where I have died many times.
Luckily, I have got a quest from huntress Lenna at Caer Ulfwych. I was supposed to hunt sylvan goblin hunters. At their camp I met the fellow rogue Aphelion and with his assistance I have successfully completed the quest. We cleared the camp of these foul forest lurkers! With my backpack full of money, I have rent a horse and returned to Camelot. I want to train tailoring a bit, before I go to Avalon.

17.1.802 (Campacorentin Station, age of 7)
I have tried to find lost boy Sil. Some evil creature living near the fallen statue has killed it. I wasn§t able to revenge him. Yet. But I will return.
Then I have hunted several dragon ants, whose larves are so valuable. When earned some money, I travelled south through Salisbury Plains to Campacorentin station. Here I will stay for a while. I would like to find Avalon, lost city, which is not included in my maps.

Completed several small quests.
I have killed the mad cleric Mulgrut at Prydwen cemetery.
After small tailoring at Camelot I have killed some rock imps who stressed Ludlow village.
I have joined the hunting group led by Ixitixl and together we killed Throatripper the Wolf. After getting polished bone from Large Skeleton I have got a Ripper cloak from a woman at Ludlow.
I also killed two dwarven raiders at Camelot Glen and acquired nice belt.
Since I have been killed many times, I am very poor of experinece and money. But I am rich of fulfilled quests and great joy.

Visiting the Castle of Camelot, I spent lot of time doing quests for Tailors. I have ruined myself with the order to make studded leather cap. I am familiarizing with Camelot. And I am beginning to love its citizens.
I fulfilled the quest given by Camelot guard commander, I have lured the red snake Slith north of Camelot walls and killed it.
Then I hunted southeast of Prydwen Bridge. Grouping with two paladins was quite unsuccessful. Although I was almost able to deal with a large skeleton, I failed as a healer and we were smashed down by red demons and packs of large skeletons crawling from ruins near the river. After several deaths they have left me alone and I had to hunt alone. Luckily, at the end I earned some coins killing dragon ants, whose larves are pretty expensive.

I spent a great time hunting bandits with the fellow wizard near the tower east of Prydwen Keep. I earned a lot of money selling the medallions which I have got for the bandit ears. So at the end I purchased a new staff at Cotswolds village.


I tried to hunt down Throatripper. At Camelot Glen I killed every wolf I met. Before midnight Throatripper came. It was huge, shining and poisoning. But he was slain by the theurg who was lurking by the fallen tree.
I tried to hunt it next day, but I was unsuccessful again. Throatripper was too strong to me. And it was slain by the warrior who jumped into my combat with Throatripper, saving my life but stealing my kill. I must grow stronger before I'll be able to deal with Throatripper.

I spend some time exploring the shining city of Camelot. I have visited the Round Table itself! Then I joined the Order of Tailors and learned how to make some cloth armor.
I hunted at the bridge near Prydwen Keep. I was killing bears and other monsters, for the bounty given by the lady guarding the bridge.
Then I went to Humberton, where I got small task from the lord of Humberton Castle. Seeking the recipient of the message I have got, I wandered to Camelot Glen, beautiful valley near Velusta Abbey northeast of Camelot. There I got quest. I must kill haunted wolf called Throatripper.

I hunted at the river bank near Prydwen Keep. Then I went to beautiful city of Camelot, where I joined the mighty Defenders of Albion. I have become the Friar!

I started my adventures at Prydwen Keep. As I was planning to become a friar, I have chosen the path of Acolyte. I explored the neighborhood of Prydwen Keep. I helped the guards to defend the bridge against pack of undead.
The most of the time I hunted at the cemetery near Prydwen Keep. I also took a trip to Cotswolds village. I have taken a brief look at the very Camelot itself! Someday I will go there.

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